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YBIKE is a Proudly-Local multi award-winning brand of children's developmental ride-ons, boasting a premium range of fun, funky and functional children's mobility products that aim to encourage vital skills development.

The YBIKE collection is designed to enhance children’s balance and boost their gross motor-skills development. From toddlers to pre-schoolers, there’s a YBIKE that’s just the right fit for kids on the go.

The company started in 2007 when we were looking for cool ride-ons for our own young kids. We discovered a need for a new innovative product that would combine aesthetics, functionality and most importantly the developmental benefits of movement and play. From there the idea grew and developed into what is now known as our first product - the YBIKE Original.

The YBIKE Original was designed and developed by our design house, Chrome Cherry Design Studio (CCDS). It took 10 months to take the Original from concept and deliver a working product to Toys R Us in Somerset Mall - the first store in the country to stock YBIKE.

Since those early days, YBIKE has become a recognised brand internationally with distribution to over 40 countries across the globe. The YBIKE family has expanded to include over a dozen innovative and fun ride-ons. These distinctive designs have won numerous acclaimed international awards and we hope to keep winning many more.

Our multi-disciplinary YBIKE family has experience in various fields, including Industrial Design, the Automotive Industry, the Aerospace Industry, and over 25 years' collective experience in manufacturing and Marketing. Our design philosophy is to offer clean, high quality products that promote physical activity in kids - to encourage gross motor-skills development and self-confidence through play. That’s why YBIKE is all about balance - The Art of Balance!

The YBIKE Family

Jaco Kruger

Jaco Kruger

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Proudly Local

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Proudly Local celebrates South African companies and individuals who are producing ideas and products at international standards. With Cape Town prevailing as the 2014 Design Capital, it has become evident that South African design has made its mark as a force to be reckoned with. We are lekka local and loving it!

Our Awards


Creative Child Magazine's Top Toy of the year Awards 2016 (USA)


Family Choice Awards 2015 (USA)

Toyni - Top Toy of the Year

Astra Awards - Best Toys for kids (USA)

Original, Pewi & Pewi Elite

Creative Child Magazine's Top Toy of the year Awards 2014 (USA)

Evolve - Top Toy of the Year

Family Fun Toy of the year Awards 2012 (USA)

Explorer - Toy of the Year

Snap Award (USA)

Pewi & Elite

Fat Brain Toy Awards 2011 (USA)

Pewi - Play Category

Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal 2011

Pewi –Toys Category

The National Parenting Centre Seal of Approval 2011

Pewi –Special Recognition

Babble’s Best Kids Bikes


Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal 2010

Pewi - Toys Category

Creative Child Magazine Toy of the Year 2010

Toddler Ride-On Toys Category

Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award 2010

Kids Ride-On Toys – Balance Bike Category

Parents’ Choice Award

Toys Category

SABS Design Excellence Awards 2009

YBIKE Original

Toy of the Year 2007

YBIKE Original - Toddler Category