Nimuno Mats

A Fun Educational *STEAM Puzzle Toy that will Help your Child Reach Important Developmental Milestones while Spending Quality Bonding Time with You! Endorsed by Occupational Therapists this visually striking puzzle allows for hours of educational off-screen playtime stimulating vital Visual Perceptual and Motor Skills.
Nimuno Mats were developed as a fun & educational *STEAM puzzle toy, designed to teach kids vital Visual Perceptual and Motor related skills through real world play. Mastering these skills lays the foundation for, among others, learning to readwriteproblem solve and ultimately navigate the world around them.   Studies have shown that providing children with puzzles and tangible educational toys during early childhood development has long-reaching beneficial cognitive effects. The challenge however lies in providing activities that are fun, engaging and beneficial for a child. Furthermore, knowing how to foster and encourage vital mental and physical skills development outside of the digital world is becoming ever more difficult.   Our Mats facilitate the development of creativity and imagination, which when coupled with problem solving enables innovation and builds confidence!
The University of Stanford's *DREME study shows that shape manipulationstacking, and sorting allows young children to explore and develop spatial sense; furthering the development of aspects like mental transformationorientationspatial awareness and spatial language.   These skills prime young minds in preparation for a world where mathematical fluency is important not only for one’s education, but for comprehending the world as a whole.   So why are honing these skills of fundamental importance? Studies show that spatial ideas underlie much of a person's mathematical understanding (addition, subtraction, division, equivalence, multiplication etc), with research showing how spatial knowledge and language predict future academic performance in kids (Ginsberg & Oppenzato, 2017).
Fine Motor Skills like In-hand manipulation and Hand-eye coordination. Visual Perceptual Skills- Visual perception is our ability to make sense of what we see. Visual perceptual skills are essential for everything from navigating our world to readingwritingmathematics and memory.