Good for kids

Ybike is good for kids

The YBIKE range of products aim to challenge your young ones, encouraging the development of the gross motor-skills needed to start walking or riding a bicycle. Balance is not only essential to your child’s development, it is also an excellent way for your child to get some exercise, strengthen their muscles and build self-confidence.

Encouraging balancing activities teaches children vital coordination and steering skills. The YBIKE rage of products allows children to develop these skills at their own pace, encouraging them to move towards relevant bike-riding skills as they become more able and confident. Being the one in control of the product builds confidence and helps the child to feel safer and more secure as they are in control of their own actions.

One of the many unique features utilised in the YBIKE range is the doubled up back wheel. Placing two wheels right next to each other provides the child with less balancing aid. This was done to maximise the gross motor skill development - making the bike less stable, but not unsafe. The instability of YBIKE balance bikes encourages the child to develop good balance while experiencing the joy of play. Once the child’s balance has improved on a flat surface, obstacles and different textured surfaces can be explored to further their sense of adventure and independence.

Our philosophy is to offer aesthetically pleasing, high quality products that promote physical activity in kids - to encourage development and independence through play. That’s why YBIKE strives to teach children The Art of Balance.

Proven. With Science

Stellenbosch University
Research completed at Stellenbosch University found that children loved playing on YBIKES and were content to ride their bikes around the playground for up to 15 minutes. YBIKE is therefore an effective way of promoting physically active play. This study reported that children riding YBIKES showed improvements of up to 700% in some gross motor-skills, noting the following improvements:

  • Substantial improvements in both static and dynamic balance
  • Substantial improvements in bilateral coordination.
  • Observable improvements in physical self-confidence.
"YBIKE qualifies as an amazingly successful developmental toy!"
Prof. E S Bressan, Sports Science, University of Stellenbosch

What people say about YBIKE Products

“Not only does he love the bike (it helps him compete with the older children in his nursery room) but we noticed a difference in his steadiness within a week. Within a few weeks he was walking. Of course it is difficult to tell the exact contribution that the Pewi made but my instinct tells me that it was pivotal for him.”
Father, South Africa

“I personally think that all children can benefit from the y-bike especially after seeing a difference in the overall physical development of my outdoor loving bike riders. Well done to the developers of the Y-Bike.”
The Barnyard School, Stellenbosch

“The YBIKE Pewi gave our boy self-esteem, communication skills, a sense of adventure, and a delight in the world.”
Father, Cape Town